Do you feel confident with your stretch marks ?

13015110_100902523651488_8114684078904601515_nI’m an avid YouTube watcher and I happened to click on a video today that was body shaming woman with stretch marks “the good bad and ugly”. Some women gain their glorious marks through pregnancy, weight loss/gain and just plain genetics.

These marks on our body signify our growth as women, they signify our struggles mentally and physically. I gain most of my stretch marks through my first pregnancy with Sidney I didn’t use cream or oils to help with the reduction of the stretch marks, I embraced them. Then I watched a video from Buzzfeed about women whom have accepted their stretch marks “why I love my stretch marks” and one story where a women that had lost her baby through a hard pregnancy explained that there was a baby there and how it’s will be a reminder how there will be another one some day. Another women saw them as memories on her previous pregnancies.

Society may not accept the beauty of them but we as humans should, we should embrace our gorgeous bodies, but don’t forget everyone gets stretch marks men and women alike. Embrace and empower !!!!

Show off your stretch marks #BMilovemymarks


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