The beginning of our TTC journey

My self and my husband decided to extend our family in 2015! Me and Todd met in June 2013 and got engaged in 2014. Todd has always been a family man and I wanted  have our very own little family.

So when we finally decided to give it a go and start trying I hopped
on my phone to find a good ovulation tracker. After 7 apps and no luck I managed to find GLOW (iPhone app) which I have to this day. The GLOW TTC Community was amazing, everyone was going through different issues but everyone was helpful and supportive.

My First worry when Trying To Conceive is “can I get pregnant?” I think that question goes through everyone’s mind at some point, what happens if you cant fall pregnant what happens then? trying for a baby is one of the most hardest emotional rollercoasters I have ever experienced -up until this point-.

I went through the obsessive phase purchasing ovulation tests, pregnancy tests and numerous amount of vitamins. I was overly excited then it got the point where I was getting to evolved in making our very own bundle of joy, so we decided to relax and just let nature do its thangggg. low and behold we got a positive test (cheap test from drug store)  Todd wasn’t convinced so we purchased a clear blue weeks predictor test and it came back pregnant 1-2 weeks. As soon as we got the conformation I quite smoking the same day, and was just bursting with excitement.


if you are ever looking for a great ovulation/period tracking app download GLOW I would highly recommend, its an easy layout and the community aspect of this App gives us women a chance to interact with some great women.


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