The snot nosed monster ðŸ˜±

So Todd escapes to work -lucky for him- I get left with this snot monster, resistance is futile. The only way to discribe this monster is he is atleast one foot tall, this creature has crazy dark brown soul sucking eyes. He is violent, he will grab everything and anything and try to kill me with it. He is…….called Sidney. 

So after braving making his breakfast, the beast approved of his wholemeal toast with marmalade-thank goodness- it’s tough being in control of a one year old. 

So after placing this monster in his bed I finally managed to have a uninterrupted shower. Before I knew it he was up and in a mood, he had requested his lunch! So I pleased this beast with beans, bacon and toast YUM! The one rule when it’s feeding time do not look the beast in the eyes!! 

Todd finally graced us with his presence, I greeted him like only a loving wife could, with a full on hulk melt down whilst washing the dishes. 
Note to self : hold all anger in till a great moment in the future when your in the wrong but can’t let Todd know he is right.

So we are now trying to tame this beast but he is on a war path I managed to capture a rare image of this beast caught in a wok. 


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