My Group B Strep Story

Many women start off a pregnancy without acknowledgment of this potential life threatening bacteria that can cause infections and meningitis in newborn babies ( before and after birth). This infection can be detected by your general practitioner (GP) by a single pain free swab. In the U.K. Alone 2 in 10 women have this common Bacterium and 1 in 2,000 babies will be diagnosed.

If your GP cannot provide you with this test there is another way you can get this test done follow the link provided to purchase your at home test. Don’t hesitate, test!

When I was 19 I saw my GP on the baises of my periods did not stop for 6 months, my GP managed to take a swab of the inside of my vaginal walls. Nothing was suggested that I had GBS and no other anomalies were found within my body, but the GBS was marked on my medical file. When I was 21 I found out I had GBS by a numerous amount of QA visits during my pregnancy. I was taken by surprise, me and Todd had noticed posters and flyers but didn’t think to READ them! We were told not to worry and was handed a flyer about it. The head nurse put a sticker on the top of my file that would alert my midwife about this.


I layed there with monitors over my stomach taking readings of Sidney’s movements. Just in a daze, I felt guilty I had this problem I could not control. When it came to giving birth I had to be given antibiotics every 4 hours-I only managed to get one dose- Sidney was born, my brain thought brilliant this labour was the worst part. Little did I know a matter of minutes my sweet little boy would be struggling with his breathing. Sidney had contracted GBS, a little over a week in Hospital with round the clock blood tests, antibiotics,feedings and UV lamps Sidney was home. We were part of the lucky ones that got to go home with our baby, but there are others that either only find out when it’s too late or whom are unfortunate to be spending their supposedly best moments in NICU.

If you wish to know more about GBS please follow the link provided

And Follow @GBSSupport on twitter for more recent updates. 


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