What we fear the most 

When your part of the TTC Community you wonder how other women feel about their journey. You start to wonder am I alone? You feel that no one understands your needs your wishes your hopes. In a matter of fact no matter what your path is you will always meet someone along the way who understands your insecurities and fears about pregnancy and TTC journey.

Last week I went on my  GLOW App and asked one simple question “what is the hardest part of TTC? ”  some comments really stood out, for privacy I will not be mentioning actual names.
The reasoning behind the question was to be able to support other women on their path. I wanted to make sure that if some women where going through a rough patch atleast one person would be in the same situation and be able offer support for one another. atleast 22% of women that commented shared the same fear and offered support. 

The hardest part of my TTC journey is watching everyone else get pregnant BUT me.

The hardest part is seeing a negative every month

I’m scared that I will never get a bfp, and that it would take a long time, and my husband lose interest as I can’t give him a child

That there is another possibility that I could have a miscarriage again

 When you know people that have had multiple abortions and don’t seem to care, like it doesn’t phase them. And you are trying desperately to just get a positive. 

We all take life for granted at some point, we may not take other people’s feeling into consideration, but maybe if atleast one women feels better knowing that she is not alone in this, that she is not without a voice, that she does have feelings, it will be worth it. 


what are you most scared of ?

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