Struggles of making time for you

The last couple of weeks have been abit manic when it comes to family life, there is always an obstacle that may plonk itself In the mix, as a yearly tradition Todd and I always turn to each other every New Years Eve just before the clock chimes 12 (GMT). we look into each others eyes and say ” this year is our year” all hopeful and wide eyed – oh how could we get it wrong-.

Every year since myself and Todd first met there has always been an obstacle in the way. Every year I struggle to find time for myself as a person, I struggle to really remember I’m not just a mother and a wife. I am a women, and as A women I need my time to relax, I need time to reflect on life.

last week my best friends said to me “so, what is your next step?” or course I said to create another mini me (baby number 2). But as an impatient hag there are so many things I would like to accomplish whilst I can, its finding the TIME! most of my days are spent in a military routine, which I change every month or so.

the rare occasions when I do get my time is when our daily routine is finished I.e wen Sidney is in bed and I can have a bath. I LOVE baths, its time I get to spend with my thoughts-tell a lie I binge watch YouTube- that’s the time of day I love the most. We all dream as mothers of having the perfect life, with the perfect husband/boyfriend, and the perfect children whom don through spaghetti at the cream walls, and where we have time to dress, do our hair/makeup without being disturbed. But no there is no such thing as MY TIME, reality already sunk in at that point, I was so busy complaining about having MY TIME and never realised what I did have.

MY TIME is split up into different categories;

  • spending time with Sidney
  • making breakfast/lunch/dinner
  • food shopping
  • working at the weekends
  • watching Supernatural with my husband
  • bath time
  • binge watching YouTube

This is inevitable as a moither there is no YOU its WE.



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