Interview with CEO of LSR Therapies

1478637842271Last week I had the pleasure to interview 22 year old entrepreneur Leanne Robertson,

Leanne has managed to build her business from the ground up, whilst maintaining her studies at the University of Chichester and holding down a secondary job at Waitrose. She has now progressed into a career woman whom can “have it all” at such a young age.

The reasoning behind this interview is, as I live in a town with a midwifery centre, I have hardly, no rarely come across any company providing pregnancy massage. Even if I saw a leaflet about this kind of practice I wouldn’t know where to start. Is it safe? is my baby going to be hurt? why would I need such a service? So I contacted LSR Therapies directly to see if she could shed some light on this topic.

What do you do for a living?

I am a pregnancy and sports massage therapist.

At what stage  (Trimester) are you able to perform a pregnancy massage ?

2nd and 3rd trimester, and along as you have the nod from your General Practitioner and or Midwife.  As far as the first trimester some companies do promote pregnancy massage in the first trimester, but  due to common medical conditions this can cause more risk than benefit, such as;

  • High risk pregnancy
  • pregnancy induced hypertension
  • preeclampsia
  • previous pre-term labour
  • experiencing severe swelling
  • high blood pressure

Due to the biological and physiological aspects it is safer for mother and baby to wait till the second trimester before considering prenatal massage. There are many other therapists whom refuse to offer massage to a woman in her first trimester due to the increased risk of miscarriage in the first 12 weeks.

what are the benefits of a pregnancy massage?

There are many benefits of pregnancy massage and some that I like to  explain to my patients are;

  • reduced back pain

  • reduced joint pain

  • improved circulation

  • reduces muscle tension

  • reduces stress

  • better sleep

  • reduction of swelling

  • reduces adhesions

Can it help with cramps, as that is a real issue among pregnancy?

Yes, it can reduce it, due to the fluid being stuck and not getting that range of motion especially when you are slowly gaining baby weight it does take a lot longer to get around your system.

So baby massage, as we discussed last week the possibility of getting into baby massage?

Well yes, I am looking at doing course, but  due to the expense of the course I really need to see if there’s enough  interest and also on where to promote baby massage. And a factor is if mothers would be willing to let me massage there baby. As it can be very hard to hand over your new baby to someone else.

What made you choose this career, and what are your best moments so far?

I love it, its a passion of mine, I love to get to know people, I love to chat to people. And nothing is the same, you might get one mum come in and they are so stressed with baby, this is the only outlet they get to have. And to be the one whom is there to help and  alleviate the stress of being a mother. The best moments I would have to say is gaining these qualifications to be able to do this, I wouldn’t be able to be where am now without the support of my family and friends and they have definitely helped me if ever I got lost.

What are your hopes for the future?

My hopes for the future, well in the future in the next 5-7 years I would like to open my own clinic that will have separate rooms for specified categories, like a rehabilitation room, sports therapy room. And of course a separate room for pregnancy massage, as no mum would want to come in and see a skeleton in the window. I would just like it to be a relaxing and calming environment for all.

So where are you based?

At the moment I am based at Shine Hair Studio in Southsea, Portsmouth. But I am available for home visits and prefer to cater to the Hampshire region, later on I would like to progress to West Sussex and Dorset area.

So that concludes my delightful interview with Leanne Robertson, I just want to say thank you for taking the time out to shed some light on the world of pregnancy massage. if you live in the Hampshire area or have any outstanding questions and want to get in contact with Leanne for a consultation I will provide the link to her website below.


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