A break from shaving…

So last month I decided to bin razors and anything relating to shaving, my skin had become dry and harsh. 

I know the stigma with women and shaving is a very controversial topic, many think it’s revolting and many are empowered by this non shaving movement. Me on the other hand…. it’s a hit and miss, I don’t mind not shaving my legs and Hilary Muff. But underarms is a no-go, it’s not that I’m grossed out by underarm hair. It is simply un-hygienic to me personally, I found out no matter what deodorant I used it simply wasn’t working for me. 

I tried the spray and roll on and I felt self conscious about how I was going to be perceived. I did refuse to wear any tops that didn’t cover up my underarms, yet again my insecurities showed through. 

Yet I had no problem with showing my leg hairs -mainly because they are blonde and hard to spot- that didn’t bother me, I cannot comprehend the difference between underarm shame and hairy legs. 

So this afternoon I hopped into the shower and shaved away my insecurities, to me it was empowering to be able to get rid of an insecurity within 40secs. 
Have you tried to go shaver-free? 
What do you think about this “feminist” topic ? 


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