The Worst Trimester

As most of you guys know… we are expecting baby number two this November!!

I remember we had been trying for 1 cycle and luckily fell pregnant. But those 2 weeks of waiting, wondering and taking multiple tests and getting disappointed with a negative, the day came when we got a positive! But waiting those two weeks for a result feels like nothing when you have to 12 weeks to be able to take a normal breath.

Most of us find out in the first 3-6 weeks, it’s a long time before our first scan a lot can go wrong, as we found out.

4 Weeks pregnant and finding out you could be going through an eptopic pregnancy. That’s not something I thought I would have to experience. It felt like a black hole had been made in my chest, I thought I was going to lose this baby.

Two weeks later and two early pregnancy scans it was confirmed that the pregnancy was in the right place and a heartbeat was found. Yet I still wasn’t happy, I had 6 more weeks to go to feel safe!

8 weeks pregnant and I was suffering with Hyperemesis Gravidarum and couldn’t eat, drink or move for three weeks. In those three weeks I lost 14lbs and had to go on certain Medication so I could tolerate food and drink.

All I kept saying in my head was I’m lucky that I can even conceive and hold onto this baby! This ends the summary of The Worst Trimester.

For the women whom go through trials and tribulations in their TTC Journey, just remember POSITIVE mind, POSITIVE vibes, POSITIVE pregnancy!

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