Pregnant and HOT!

The past few weeks the summer has shown its bright-ass face and bombarded me with heat and sweat. I’m a winter sort of person I don’t do well in the heat at all, well I mean look at me I’m the shade of the whitest paper you have ever seen! 

When your at any stage of your pregnancy your hormones are flushing around and heat control is one thing ! My body temperature is now higher than normal as the baby is generating this excess heat. I’m already too hot, and these hormones are making feel like a pile of freshly killed snowman! I feel like a sweaty mess!!! 

Don’t get me started on trying to sleep at night with 15,000 pillows propped up and a pregnancy pillow strapped to your side. Why do you have to feel so uncomfortable? Why this many pillows?                               Why is the freaking sun so god-damn hot!

I haven’t managed to purchase any summer  maternity chlothes yet so half my wardrobe is winter chlothes. But luckily I have a few dresses hidden away it just means I have to do the Uncomfortable-twist-turn-move-the-bump-out-the-way-trying-to-shave-these-god-damn-legs dance. 
Wish me good luck! Sorry to all those heavily pregnant women out there struggling in this heat it sucks balls!! 


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