Bladder Control 

As soon as my head hits the pillow I need to pee AGAIN! This bladder is not in control at all. As soon as this baby kicks out it’s super tiny foot in the direction of what I think is an empty bladder that’s it! I somehow need to pee!

How is this even possible ?

Did I do enough pelvic floor exercises you ask…. Nope clearly not. I have a bladder of an 80 year old woman! Today at work I might of drank less than three pints of water throughout 8 hours of Sitting and standing. Yet I took 10 trips to the bathrooom!!!

I’m sure the patients thought I’ve eat something dodgy ha. Living the life….. on the toilet. Ive either got my head in it, or my ass either one we have become the best of friends.

OH THE JOYS… I’m writing this rant whilst taking my 29th daily trip to the toilet still amazed that I have more than a bloody drop left! My only reasonable options are to invest in TENA Ladies (adult nappies) or just live in my bathroom 🚽

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