These hips don’t lie

After tossing and turning in pain last night thanks to my forever shifting hips, I woke up today HAPPY! 

Happy that I have work, happy that I got to see Sidney before I left, happy that my husband asked if I wanted a coffee this morning. Being happy at the moment feels forced with hardly any sleep and running on coffee ( I know you shouldn’t drink coffee when pregnant, but DAMN I gave up cigarettes and alcohol let me have this one!) and left overs of Sidney’s lunch is making me realise how am I going to cope?

How can I adjust to have two children under 2?! I’m more scared of the fact that I only get Todd for two weeks to help manage the manic household then POOF! I’m on my own with two children! TWO of them and ONE of me!!! 

If you have two or more children how do you cope? 

How in hell do you do it ? 

I can barely deal with Todd and Sidney combined without loosing my hair…. 


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