The many “PERKS” of Pregnancy 

As some of you may know pregnancy comes with “PERKS”. There are always times in pregnancy that make you want to eat a whole tub of Ben & Jerry’s curl up on the sofa and sob quietly. Whilst you are wallowing away in self pity and hormones, some of us are on their fifth trip to Dr.Porcelain. 

Since Week 8 I’ve suffered from hyperemesis gravidarum, loosing 18lbs and not being able to gain weight properly now I’m 19 weeks pregnant and this is still hanging over me. On a previous post I went into abit of detail about this ordeal, some woman have reached out to me and explained how they experienced this which is so comforting! 

hyperemesis gravidarum- basically means “hey, I’m one of MANY perks that come with pregnancy! Enjoy not being able to walk into a food store without wanting to vomit. Enjoy not being able to eat the simplest of foods. Enjoy worrying constantly about your babies growth because you’ve lost too much weight! Enjoy being constantly dizzy that you can’t move. And lastly ENJOY neusea and vomiting it’s going to get messy!” Cheers!

So last Saturday I was at QA Hospital on a drip due to this amazing “PERK”. I couldn’t move for two hours due to the dizziness and neusea. Doctors said that it should Re-Boot my system and gave me STRONGER Medication to help me deal with it. I’m Praying this helps even the littlest of bits fingers crossed for me and anyone that is suffering with this crap! 


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