Consultant meeting and scans

So recently I’ve taken some (ALOT) time off from the blogging community. Mainly as I was struggling with my pregnancy. The multiple consultant meetings ending in tears, the multiple scans which made my heart skip a beat.

As you probably have read in my recent posts I’ve been struggling since the early days.

So here we go I’m back at this AGAIN!

So I entered my 38th week of pregnancy and had my last scan – which showed no abnormalities- and last consultant meeting. Scared and wanting this whole pregnancy to finish, I waited patiently waiting hoping they would move my induction date up. I luckily bumped into my midwife at the hospital before the meeting, and she gave me some great advice and basically tell them exactly what has been happening.

She was hoping I would get my date moved up, due to over 5 episodes of reduced movement! My name was called and I entered the room I’ve been dreading for the past 45 minutes…….. FINALLY !!!! THE CONSULTANT SAID HE WANTED TO VRING MY DATE FORWARD BY 1 WEEK!!!!!!

22nd November 2017 was now my induction date.

I had a week to sort my shit out!! This shit just got real!!!!

*next post-Induction day here we come*


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