As soon as you get that positive test you are already planning your babies future, the excitement of your babies first teeth to their first steps are already implanted into your brain.

Teething is an exciting period for parents, you may see various pictures of babies gums with a little white tooth crowning. But what you don’t see in the pictures is the uncomfortable irritation that comes with teething.

Being a new parent and experiencing teething for the first time can be hard to recognise. Your baby might teethe as early as three months, normally the first teeth to appear is the bottom insicors ( bottom front teeth) So look out for…..

  • Red/rosey cheeks
  • Inflamed gums
  • Consistent dribbling
  • Chewing on toys or fingers
  • Very Irritable

There are many things to ease the pain of teething, I found with my first son Sidney that Teethers where a god send. I tried the “cheap” plastic-stick-in-the-freezer type Teethers, but they didn’t last very long, plus the designs weren’t very “modern”.

The Teethers I purchased for Sidney was made out of Silicone, the best material I think for the teething stage. They are easy to hold, easy to clean and most of all they last. Most Teethers that you can get for £2.00 don’t last very long, you either accidentally put them in the steriliser and they melt….ooops…. or they get very mucky very quickly.

Silicone Teethers are bendy, soft and some come with little bumps on one side that are great for when your baby is rubbing their sore gums along. I know your probably thinking “why don’t you use calpol/painkillers to take away the pain?”

Well painkillers such as Calpol can ONLY be used for a maximum of three days where a teether can be used all day everyday 365 days of the year. You can take a Teether everywhere with you!!!

*Fred & Noah have just brought out a gorgeous new Milk Bottle Silicone teether that has a easy grip handle. It’s soft and bendy and has those little bumps on the reverse side great for gum rubbing*

Fred & Noah

As you can see Teddy is soooo rocking these gorgeous digger leggings, stag shirt and milk bottle teether all from Fred & Noah – as you can probably tell I’m a massive fan!!!!


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