So it’s been 3 months since I had Teddy, I was lucky to have a great birth and to take him home the same day!! That was all I ever wanted and hoped for.

I managed to breastfeed for 6 hard weeks, realising half way through Teddy has reflux which was a pain in the ass! 9 weeks old and still trying to find the best formula for him is tough the constant coughing and screaming is tiring. But there is nothing more worth while than seeing a cheesy smile at 3 in the morning!

I’m counting down the months till he is 1… haha.. I’m enjoying the little milestones that come by every month.

one thing about my sons their names are all family names going back nearly 3 generations. Which makes it very special for our family, I have always had the respect that when I got married my surname would change. But to keep my fathers name alive in my family I took his middle name “William” and put that name into Sidney’s and Teddys middle name!

The only thing that has changed having two children is the lack of sleep! It’s harder to get a decent nights sleep at the moment when Teddy goes to bed between 23:00-03:00 and having to get up some days around 06:00 and still manage to do all the housework and look after two children!

But every second I get to spend with my sons are worth it… I just can’t wait till Teddy reaches his next milestone !!


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