Hanging on my the skin of my teeth

The terrible twos have hit us with a vengeance! Why is this stage so bloody terrible? Why is it so difficult?

I love my son but I don’t live his behaviour. In this household we don’t believe in smacking/hitting a child as punishment. We use other alternative methods of punishment. For example;

  1. Taking away toys that he plays with on a constant basis
  2. Taking away sweets
  3. Shouting at him
  4. Fake crying to gain some sort of compassion

We have worn out number 4, Sidney does not show any sort of remorse for his actions at all. He used to come and apologise but now he just walks away. Number 3 can leave us with a sore throat as he isn’t scared of us yelling at him anymore.

We enforced number 2 last week, no sweets on week days. He seems to understand with sweets that get taken away but he “hulked” out! Now it’s number 1 taking away toys.

We live in a ground floor flat with a communial hallway, so anytime he acts up and hits us we take a toy and put it in the hallway. The peircing scream of anger echoes our flat, he still attempts to hit and goes into a full on tantrum!!!

I have no idea how to deal with the terrible twos! How long does it last ? Why is this happening? Sooooo many questions and not enough answers.

You feel hopeless and alone, and just plain tired from the constant battle.


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  1. kat says:

    The Terrible 3’s are worse, and it never seems to end! I honestly don’t know how we’re dealing with it, but we only have screaming matches once in a while. I think we got lucky with a relatively good little boy, but being calm really helps with him, but it can be so hard! But at 3, he can express himself better and understand more of what we say, so that helps. Good luck!

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    1. bluntmother says:

      Thank you I just hope it improves only if it’s a 1% improvement


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