The Baby Show

So this Friday I’m travelling for the first time with a baby to….. my Hometown LONDON!! So it’s going to be me, Teddy and my gorgeous mumma-to-be friend Caitlin!!

We are off to The Baby Show in London! I’ve always wanted to go and this time I’m actually going!

I’m a little nervous taking Teddy with me, and not knowing how I’m going to get through the London Underground with a pushchair. I’m hoping that I don’t get caught and fall down the escalator.

I’ve just finished packing the “essentials” everything bar the kitchen sink! I’ve sorted Teddy’s outfits for the day and of course he will be rocking his Fred & Noah ( stags and Christmas Jumper. Which is so fitting for the white abiss that will greet us!

Not to mention the secret stash of Cath Kidston Baby clothes and outwear I stumbled on!!! He will definitely be the brightest baby in London Town! (I will post on instagram his outfit of the day)

So the tickets & Oyster card are packed, my sanity is somewhere around the house! It will be actually nice going somewhere other than Portsmouth for a day out!

So we set course from Portsmouth harbour to London Waterloo at 6:25am then it’s the London Underground and onwards to Excel London for 9:45. Hoping to grabs some dinner before we head home!

As many of you know I’m in the process of starting up my own business and I just hope I can make some connections with some business that can help me progress and get ready for NOTHS!! (not on the high street) .

As I mentioned earlier I’m travelling with one of my closest friends Caitlin (Todds-Cousins-Girlfriend) whom is expecting a strapping baby boy this year! So fingers crossed for some cracking freebies and discounts so she can get kitted out for little man to arrive!

My Bank is soooo going to hate me!


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