How to be ill with two children

So two days ago I got struck down with illness, my temperature was rising to 40.0. I look like something out of “stranger things” looking for barb!

I was getting hot and cold flashes like I was ready to hit menopause early, fatigue hit then the horrid dry coughing that didn’t quit! It’s so so so hard to be ill when you have kids, you don’t have the luxury of sleeping when you want!

Trying to occupy yourself by putting laundry in the washing machine and guiding your hands to the dials, as your brain cannot comprehend what numbers are or even what your doing out of the comfort of your newly washed fitted sheets!

My patience is diminished, I used all my frustration and anger and plastered it all over my husband and kids. So I decided to do some guilt eating -Mother’s Day chocolates- In hopes it makes that little bit of difference.

So…. 4 days later my husband gets the same illness then BOOM everything is “apparently” worse, because he is a man! God forbid if I ask for his help with the kids whilst I’m still battling through this cold flu thing!

So to end there is no guide on how to be ill with kids you are just unfortunate and have to crack on with life and housework.

Good luck folks !


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