Sunday fun day

This morning we awoke to the most beautiful weather, sitting in the garden seeing the half moon and sun out just put me in a great mood. We managed to have some chill out time this morning with the kids, whilst we cooked breakfast. I was on the egg station, making my famous fried runny eggs ( using just the low cal spray that slimming world dubs SYN FREE).

Teddy sat down first and gobbled up his favourite Ella’s Kitchen breakfast cereal alongside a fruit pot, put him in the swing with his second morning bottle and then sent him off for his morning nap. So there we were, eating our cooked breakfast with the morning sun cracking through our wooden blinds. Just perfect.

Sidney has marked his 5th week on perfect potty training, no nappies just boxers and toilet time. His 1st week marked dry nights no accidents at night time, I couldn’t be proud of my little man he is only two and half and he has been without nappies for over a month !

Today’s plan;

  • Finish off the housework
  • Cook some lunch
  • Get the kids bathed
  • Get them dressed
  • Get out the door and go to the park

I finally managed to finish the boring housework, the washing of the floors was a must especially with two young children. We packed up the kids this afternoon and we began our short journey to the local park,which Sidney and teddy loves. Unfortunately the trip was cut short thanks to some hoodlands I.e rude young kids. So we took a much need shop trip to grab some chocolate for the kids before we headed home.

Lets just say it’s been a perfect day full of fun, gardening, housework and more importantly chocolate !


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