The Pregnancy Food Company

Earlier this week I had the pleasure of speaking to founder of “The Pregnancy Food Company” Laura Hughes. I discovered her on Instagram whilst I was looking for some lactation cookies as I was currently breastfeeding Teddy. Unfortunately before I even got a chance to order her “Boobie cookies” we decided that I was competely… Continue reading The Pregnancy Food Company


Hanging on my the skin of my teeth

The terrible twos have hit us with a vengeance! Why is this stage so bloody terrible? Why is it so difficult? I love my son but I don't live his behaviour. In this household we don't believe in smacking/hitting a child as punishment. We use other alternative methods of punishment. For example; Taking away toys… Continue reading Hanging on my the skin of my teeth


As soon as you get that positive test you are already planning your babies future, the excitement of your babies first teeth to their first steps are already implanted into your brain. Teething is an exciting period for parents, you may see various pictures of babies gums with a little white tooth crowning. But what… Continue reading CHOMP!