The Worst Trimester

As most of you guys know... we are expecting baby number two this November!! I remember we had been trying for 1 cycle and luckily fell pregnant. But those 2 weeks of waiting, wondering and taking multiple tests and getting disappointed with a negative, the day came when we got a positive! But waiting those… Continue reading The Worst Trimester

Fear of Natural Labour

If you have read my GBS story you will understand my situation. Natural labour is a beautiful experience-a burning ring of fire for some- that women may experience if their situation is less complicated as some women experience. But the second time round I fear the NATURAL part!!! I want to be induced (like last… Continue reading Fear of Natural Labour

Interview with CEO of LSR Therapies

Last week I had the pleasure to interview 22 year old entrepreneur┬áLeanne Robertson, Leanne has managed to build her business from the ground up, whilst maintaining her studies at the University of Chichester and holding down a┬ásecondary job at Waitrose. She has now progressed into a career woman whom can "have it all" at such… Continue reading Interview with CEO of LSR Therapies