Educating my son

So whilst thinking over our future and where our kids will be going to school and what rules we have to set in place. I thought about educating our children on their bodies. I was watching loose women and their story for the afternoon was something in the lines of "would you be okay with… Continue reading Educating my son


How to be ill with two children

So two days ago I got struck down with illness, my temperature was rising to 40.0. I look like something out of "stranger things" looking for barb! I was getting hot and cold flashes like I was ready to hit menopause early, fatigue hit then the horrid dry coughing that didn't quit! It's so so… Continue reading How to be ill with two children

The Pregnancy Food Company

Earlier this week I had the pleasure of speaking to founder of “The Pregnancy Food Company” Laura Hughes. I discovered her on Instagram whilst I was looking for some lactation cookies as I was currently breastfeeding Teddy. Unfortunately before I even got a chance to order her “Boobie cookies” we decided that I was competely… Continue reading The Pregnancy Food Company