No Chance

So basic back story is here, I've been contemplating whether to write this. But it's a long story so I might have to do this in two parts..... So this goes back to when I was a little embryo, a tiny baby ready to see the big wide world. But unfortunately I didn't realise what… Continue reading No Chance



As soon as you get that positive test you are already planning your babies future, the excitement of your babies first teeth to their first steps are already implanted into your brain. Teething is an exciting period for parents, you may see various pictures of babies gums with a little white tooth crowning. But what… Continue reading CHOMP!

Being my own boss

This year like many other years we secretly say to ourselves "this will be different, this year is our year". But sadly it's not the case for so many people, there are always family trouble, work trouble and financial trouble. Trouble is always around the corner, life can be so unexpected. I've know from personal… Continue reading Being my own boss

The many “PERKS” of Pregnancy¬†

As some of you may know pregnancy comes with "PERKS". There are always times in pregnancy that make you want to eat a whole tub of Ben & Jerry's curl up on the sofa and sob quietly. Whilst you are wallowing away in self pity and hormones, some of us are on their fifth trip… Continue reading The many “PERKS” of Pregnancy¬†

The Worst Trimester

As most of you guys know... we are expecting baby number two this November!! I remember we had been trying for 1 cycle and luckily fell pregnant. But those 2 weeks of waiting, wondering and taking multiple tests and getting disappointed with a negative, the day came when we got a positive! But waiting those… Continue reading The Worst Trimester

My Group B Strep Story

Many women start off a pregnancy without acknowledgment of this potential life threatening bacteria that can cause infections and meningitis in newborn babies ( before and after birth). This infection can be detected by your general practitioner (GP) by a single pain free swab. In the U.K. Alone 2 in 10 women have this common… Continue reading My Group B Strep Story