The Pregnancy Food Company

Earlier this week I had the pleasure of speaking to founder of “The Pregnancy Food Company” Laura Hughes. I discovered her on Instagram whilst I was looking for some lactation cookies as I was currently breastfeeding Teddy. Unfortunately before I even got a chance to order her “Boobie cookies” we decided that I was competely… Continue reading The Pregnancy Food Company



As soon as you get that positive test you are already planning your babies future, the excitement of your babies first teeth to their first steps are already implanted into your brain. Teething is an exciting period for parents, you may see various pictures of babies gums with a little white tooth crowning. But what… Continue reading CHOMP!

Being my own boss

This year like many other years we secretly say to ourselves "this will be different, this year is our year". But sadly it's not the case for so many people, there are always family trouble, work trouble and financial trouble. Trouble is always around the corner, life can be so unexpected. I've know from personal… Continue reading Being my own boss

The many “PERKS” of Pregnancy 

As some of you may know pregnancy comes with "PERKS". There are always times in pregnancy that make you want to eat a whole tub of Ben & Jerry's curl up on the sofa and sob quietly. Whilst you are wallowing away in self pity and hormones, some of us are on their fifth trip… Continue reading The many “PERKS” of Pregnancy